I have long felt that one of the most effective ways to engage people in philosophical or ethical reflection is through provocative yet entertaining stories.

Awakening-1Awakening was my first foray into the world of fiction.  I hope you not only enjoy the story but also find yourself pondering the underlying issues.

From the back cover:

Theo Gardner, a philosophy graduate student, is haunted by a recurrent nightmare.  Unlike normal dreams, vestiges of this nocturnal horror infiltrate Theo’s daytime hours with debilitating effects.  With the help of physiological psychologist Christine Costner, he embarks on an adventure into a strange new world where recent discoveries in the study of human consciousness, physics, and spirituality converge with life-altering force.  Theo’s “awakening” harbingers a profound transformation for the well being of the planet.

* **

theocracy-1Theocracy is my latest novel focusing on a disturbing theme that at times manifested itself during the 2015-2016 presidential election.

From the back cover:

“Radical Islamic fundamentalists are not the only group of True Believers seeking to establish a theocracy.”

Alex Nelson, a religious studies professor at a Southern California university, finds himself partnered with FBI special agent Victoria Navarro in a dangerous search for a new group of True Believers convinced that they are the hand of God to establish a theocracy in America.


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